Click to enlargeBody Parts Plus

This set of 7 balls will be a great addition to the Original Body Part Debrief. This set includes a nose, foot, bone, and lungs.

All parts are made of stress reliever material. Comes in a mesh stuff sack with directions.

Some questions you can use with the different parts include:

Spine- What do you consider the backbone of your family/business?

Foot- Did you stick your foot in your mouth and say something you wish you hadn't? or What direction would you like to see the group go?

Bone- What strengths do you have? or Have you ever felt broken?

Nose- When have you ever stuck your nose in somebody else's business? When did you smell success?

World- How do your actions effect others? or Can one person really make a difference?

Liver- How do you react to that "do what is right" feeling? or What does it mean to "go with your gut?"

Lungs- Are you waiting to exhale? or Could you use some more oxygen?

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